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President's Message

I believe that every possibility harbors a reality and all we need is the vision to see it and the resolve to extract it.  At Ghanim Alghanim, we live this belief and strive to convert every possibility into reality.

Today’s fluctuating global market conditions along with shifting business needs have created new complexities in the world economy.  Recognizing this, we have developed business models utilizing the latest best practices and business intelligence technology to deliver quality and value to fulfill our client’s demands.  Ghanim Alghanim analyzes clients’ operational needs and creates a custom made project management consultancy team that provides effective and efficient support.

We are excited by the prospects for our future and look forward to the challenges of the coming years and the continued execution of our strategy.

In closing, I would like to recognize a few constituents.  First, to our customers, we greatly appreciate the opportunity that we have everyday to meet and exceed your expectations.  

Second, we thank all of the local, regional, and international Ghanim Alghanim subsidiaries and associates that deliver our products and services everyday.  Moreover, I want to personally thank you for your interest in the Ghanim Alghanim Group of Companies and I extend my personal pledge that we are committed to promoting and maintaining the highest level of services in all our activities, and are most grateful to serve you.

Dr. Jamal Ghanim Al-Ghanim, MB MBCH MD, MRAP, MHM, MBA
(President and Chief Executive Officer)