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Health Solution Management & Consultation Co.

Health Solution Management & Consultation Company (HSMCC) is a healthcare management company established in 2008 to assist clients in managing and operating more efficiently and effectively.

HSMCC draws on the knowledge, experience, and skills of its consultants to help clients with projects from the initial generation of ideas and insights through to detailed implementation. As a leading healthcare consulting company in Kuwait, we offer creative strategies to meet business goals by utilizing strategic analysis, project management, and business analytical tools to increase efficiency and profit.

Products / Services
Our Services
Management Services
Contract Analysis and Consultation
Benefit Analysis, Interpretation and Consultation
Health Care Cost Analysis
Procurement Support
Medical establishment management and operation
Human resource training development and facilitation
Regulatory Compliance and Certification and licensing support
Medical Management Program Development and Consultation
Provider Fee Schedule Analysis
Health Plan Operations Improvement Projects and Consultation
Customer Service Improvement Projects
Health Plan Budget Development
Interim Executive Assignments
Technology application and equipment utilization management
Strategic Planning
Marketing Plan Development
Corporate Culture Development Consultation
Electronic Claims and Medical Record Implementation Projects and Consultation
Management Planning
Resource Control
New Product Development and Introduction
Interim Management
Project Management

Operational Services
Process Improvements
Project Work
Best Practice Analysis
Operational Turnaround
Business & Financial Services
Business Financial Planning
Analytical Model Building
Medical Services
Network Development and Management
Medical Management
Health Plan Restructure
Information System Support
System Analysis & Design
System Implementation